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Austin American-Statesman

April 29, 2024: ‘Shaking It Up’: View Texas icon Liz Carpenter up close and personal in new documentary

“It is one thing to read about Texas icon Liz Carpenter.

It is another thing altogether to watch her in glorious action… Liz Carpenter (1920-2010) had one of those unstoppable personalities — part LBJ, part Lady Bird. She mesmerized almost everyone around her, especially journalists, who knew that whatever Carpenter had in mind would likely lead to a hot story.”


March 24, 2024: Texas trailblazer, liberal icon Liz Carpenter gets her flowers in documentary

“Shaking It Up is a generous and very sympathetic introduction to a 20th-century political figure who deserves to be known outside of Texas and Washington…”

“…it hits a documentary sweet spot, highlighting a fascinating subject recognized by some but certainly not by all.”

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